Yuriy Golz

Yuriy Golz is a leading expert in the pickup transportation business in the US and is widely recognized as an advocate for modern technological solutions that effectively address transportation and freight delivery challenges.

His authority and knowledge stem from years of entrepreneurial experience, building business contacts, and establishing ties with transportation companies and individual carriers.

Yuriy Golz has dedicated the last 3 years of his life to creating and developing the Truckboard transportation ecosystem, positioning him as one of the most authoritative specialists in this field. His training courses place special emphasis on a detailed analysis of the pickup trucking industry, as well as modern technologies related to car hauling and hotshots.

Yuriy Golz is a professional whose knowledge and experience can be invaluable to anyone interested in the transportation industry and its efficient functioning.



When Yuriy Golz arrived in America, he had a venture centered around visa services. However, as the pandemic unfurled, embassies halted operations, plunging his project into darkness. Undeterred, Yuriy believed it was a sign to dive into a grander endeavor and explore uncharted waters in a different market. He gravitated towards the trucking business, envisioning it as a realm with an uncomplicated entry, straightforward scalability, and lucid development roadmaps.

Although trucks and their intricate world were alien to Yuriy, he boldly embraced the challenge, opting for the steepest learning curve. He immersed himself in the role of a pickup truck driver for about a year. In this vibrant journey, he not only mastered the nuances and intricacies of the business but also delved deeply into a plethora of literature. He meticulously studied every regulation, leaving no stone unturned. And, with an innovator’s spirit, Yuriy began to experiment, unveiling new facets of the trucking world and discovering solutions to its most perplexing problems.

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* according to participants of the Usa Truckers Chat platform