Is a unified intelligent platform in transport business.


We are the first in the market who implemented full automation in the process of hauling. 

Our work and services are based on analytics of the market and artificial intelligence implementation. 

These innovations help us to make the job transparent, efficient and more profitable.

TruckBoard – is the best dispatching service on the market. We cover all types of loads. We manage that because of the smart algorithms which help us to track the best loads on the entire market and give these loads to our drivers. 

Our Smart routing system builds up your route the best possible way taking into account geo positioning of the driver, his average speed and time spent for rest. 


is built by a community of likeminded people. We are the team from IT industry with business background. 

Creators, entrepreneurs and mentally healthy people are the core of the project. 

In our telegram channel you can always ask a question, meet other drivers, win prizes from events and collaborate on bringing and developing the transport business in US.


is bringing revolutionary changes in transportation business.

No more unnecessary talks with dispatchers and brokers, no more balance maintenance and counting your costs.

Everything now is automated and done with the help of AI. 

It is only the beginning. And we are growing fast. 

Project plan:

Q1 2022  

  • Growing the community
  • Marketing activities in SocialMedia
  • Collaboration with influencers in transportation niche

Q2 2022 

  • Events in the community
  • “Truckboard” CRM Development
  • Tokens and shares pre-release
  • “Truckboard” mobile app release

Q3 2022 

  • Franchize in 10 US states
  • Online Education on dispatching, brokerage, business development
  • Holders of tokens or shares get free access to all the materials
  • Offline Marketing across US states

Q4 2022 

  • Reach a goal of 1500 drivers in the community